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Profile of any institution keeps it going to the root of its offing, it founded  in 1943 and gradually converted into Govt. College for Elementary Teachers in 1971. It caters the needs of the educations in rapidly changing world. The Govt. of the Punjab stuffed the college with well qualified, will trained and well experienced teachers who always adopt a comprehensive and multidimensional strategies to promote professional education and personality development of educators

P.T.C and C.T teacher training programmes were run till 1993-1994. In 1994-1995 only O.T and D.M programmes were run as P.T.C and C.T training was banned by the Government of Punjab.

In 1997-1999 C.T and O.T training continued. The College worked under the Directorate of Education (Bwp) till 1st July 1993. All elementary colleges were handed over to Directorate of Staff Development (DSD) Lahore. After 1993, where in-service and pre-service Teacher Training Programmes were run.

  In August 26, 2002, our college was affiliated with University of Education and all the 36 Elementary Colleges and Education Colleges were handed over to the University. The B.ED Programme was started in 2002 and still continue.

    After the successful completion of B.Ed Elementary Programme, we offered M.Ed Programme in 2004. Similarly in 2011  Under Graduate Diploma in Physical Education Programme was launched which was initiated as Pilot Project in only 2 among 33 GCETs in Punjab , i.e. GCETm Bahawalpur and GCET Islamabad.

    In 2012 Our college was among those 5 GCETs who were allowed to launch B.Ed (Secondary) Programme by DSD. Similarly B.Ed ( ECE)  has been launched in 2013.

                In order to make teaching a profession of choice  such as the engineering, medical and law professions in keeping with the tradition of professional education, a new four year program B.Ed. (Hons) has been launched in our college in Fall Semester 2013.

      We are serving the nation by providing approximately 300  highly skilled teachers every year, who are performing their best teaching skills in various public/private institutions.  

                Apart from Pre-service Teacher Education programmes ,our college is also working as DTSC ( District Training & Support Center) . Under the CPD framework initiated by DSD different Training and Professional Development workshops are arranged throughout the year.

      Our attached Lab school is regarded as one of the best lab school among all GCETs in Punjab. Our ECE Classroom has been selected as a Model for all Institutions in Bahawalpur Division.